Monthly Archives: November 2014

First order dispatched

Yesterday Kurma dispatched its first order to its first customer in Delhi. The order was for 20 bags which were made with Khadi fabric (which we blogged about here and here) and had been stitched by 2 of the graduates of the Bajaj School for Deaf Children which is based here in Dehradun. We collected the bags, packed them and then it was off to the FedEx office in town.


The FedEx office in Dehradun

And here’s the box getting processed by the nice man from FedEx (he’s a nice man partly because he gave us some tape to secure the box – he may well be a nice man for any number of other reasons).


Check out the amount of tape used

So it’s a start for Kurma. We are starting the second order for the same client next week which is definitely a good sign for us. It is a little acorn and we are hoping for at least a medium sized oak.