About us

Kurma is a young organisation started by designer Maneet Kaur and is based just outside Dehradun.

Our inspiration comes from the surrounding natural beauty of the Himalayas which we love and our aim is to constantly launch fresh and unique designs on these themes. The entire process of design and product development happens in Dehradun. We specialise in screen printing and block printing by hand onto fabric. These fabrics are then made into a range of stationery, accessories, home furnishings and more.

Our approach is simple and straight forward. It starts with a spark of inspiration from our surroundings, from which we develop our ideas, illustrations, colours and sampling before committing to production. What we do make sure of is that our inspiration doesn’t get lost along the way. Design is at the heart of what we do, to make an artistic and original statement with our work. We keep working on the designs until we are completely happy with them and apply the same rigour in development of the products, only being satisfied with perfect finishing. Our stitching is done by highly trained, hearing impaired seamstresses and women empowered with the skills to earn an independent living as part of our aim to bring work to and empower disadvantaged members of society. Our stationery is all hand-made by local craftsmen.

We are proud of our state of Uttarakhand and our fundamental principles are to bring work and prosperity to its people by showing its beauty to the world. We hope these simple and well crafted products enable our customers to keep something of the mountains with them.

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