Bajaj school

It is a beautiful sunny October morning here in Dehradun and we took the opportunity to visit the Bajaj School for Deaf Children which is very close to where we are based. Although the school is closing down for the Diwali break we managed to grab 20 minutes with the Principal, Anjali.
It was a delightful and productive meeting. We are keen to give work to those who are disadvantaged in society but without compromising on the quality of the finish and the school most definitely ticks both of those boxes. They offer vocational courses in tailoring and their work is of a very high standard – we have been very keen to work with them since seeing some of their products earlier in the year. They are very positive about working with us and we are going to visit them again after Diwali.
One of the aims of Kurma is to bring more work to Dehradun and although Jaipur is the centre for block printing in India we had always hoped to bring this skill to our region. One unexpected outcome from our meeting with Anjali is that she knows of people here in Dehradun who are already engaged in block printing. We don’t know much about their work yet but Anjali is keen for us to meet with them.
So far all of the signs are very encouraging.