Social Responsibility

For us it is more than an aim or a desire to help others through work it is part of our DNA as an organisation. We are unashamedly a commercial organisation but wherever we can we provide work, at a fair rate, to NGOs and underprivileged people. This does not mean that we will accept low quality work because there is no need to and we simply will not, instead we work with the organisations or individuals to improve the finished product.

Currently all of the sewing work that we require is done by one of two NGOs, the first provides vocational training and work to the hearing impaired and the other is a women’s empowerment organisation providing a range of training and work to underprivileged women. For both of these organisations we have provided some training and product development at our expense.

We work with an organisation which was established to provide a livelihood to cured lepers. The hand spun, hand woven organic cotton fabrics which they produce are of the highest quality and is full of character. Not only do we use the fabric for our work we also get our clothes made out of it!

Our stationery is all handmade by a self-taught artisan who works with all kinds of paper and card. He takes our printed fabrics and uses them as covers for our range of stationery. Together we have developed the products having created many samples before settling on what we now offer as part of our range. As a result his skills have improved and we are proud of the products which we offer.

Even the stuffing for some of our padded products like our Christmas Tree Decorations is waste material which we buy from a carpet weaving training and production organisation.

Everyone that we work with is local to us. In every way we can we provide work to people of this region and so that the money that they earn comes into the local communities. In buying our products our customers are helping these communities and are enabling the under privileged to take control of their lives.