It lives!

Well it looks like we have our first customer! We have been asked to design and create some bags for a client in Delhi who we met when we were there in the last couple of days. We have done some initial artwork and we are meeting a local printer in the morning as we are now back in Dehradun.

We had such an amazing trip to Jaipur and so we have planned to spend a little time on Saturday going through the last couple of weeks since we properly started working on Kurma to get some perspective on what we have achieved and what we have learned and what we are going to do next. We plan to have these sessions regularly and we are borrowing the essence of the retrospective which you would see in any healthy software development team. We are trying to take our inspiration from the best practices which we have seen in our personal and professional lives and bring them into Kurma. Over the coming weeks and months we will share in the ups and downs – the successes and failures that we go through. We know that we will make mistakes and we are ready to learn from them, we just hope that we are able to cope with them financially. Anyway it’s late now and we have had an exhausting few days and there is a lot to do in the next few days before Diwali so I’ll keep this blog mercifully brief.