Kurma is a real passion for us, there are many aspects to each product. There is the design of the pattern and what technique will be used to put it onto the fabric, the colours used and then there is the fabric itself. We are focussed on cotton but that still leaves us with many decisions to make about the colour of the base fabric and the thickness of it, i.e. thread count, but one type of fabric that we love is Khadi.
Khadi is homespun and hand-woven fabric and is part of the movement intiated by M.K.Gandhi as a way of boycotting expensive British clothing and helping to make India self-reliant. Across India there are Khadi shops which now sell a wide range of products but the homespun cotton is still the superstar. Khadi is now a government organisation and it is widely popular. The cottons come in endless varieties of qualities, weights and colours which means we get to spend lots of time checking out lots of different fabrics. We have literally gasped at one fabric because it was of such beautiful quality.
I’m including some pictures here of some of the fabrics that we have bought in the last few days. We are lucky that our first customer has commissioned some bags from us and she has specified that we use Khadi.
In time we hope to offer a Kurma Khadi range of products to help support an organisation which we believe in, does a lot for India and creates some amazing fabrics.

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  1. karen

    There’s something even more relevant today about the original guiding principle of Khadi, as a means for boycotting expensive British clothing: today alternatives to cheap Chinese clothing produced unsustainably are few and far between. So I support our initiative wholeheartedly.

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