Wholesale & Custom

As we do all of the design, printing and product development ourselve we are able to offer a high degree of customisation but we still have the capacity to do large orders which we offer at wholesale rates.


We love it when people like our products enough to take them into their homes but as well as selling our products via exhibitions and our online store we also supply to a number of retailers (see stockists).

We are happy to give wholesale prices for orders of over 20 pieces and we will ship overseas.

This is part of a wholesale order of notebooks in bags which we completed for a retailer in India.


Our existing product range – which includes bags, stationery, cushion covers, tableware, wall art and decorations – is readily available for customisation. These make great promotional items and corporate gifts.

For the Mussoorie Mountain Writers Festival we adapted their existing branding and poster artwork and developed a version for printing onto fabric. We proposed an appropriate product, fabric and print colour and delivered samples for consideration by the client to develop something they were completely happy with. The order of 100 bags was delivered well in advance of the event and within budget.

A promotional jhola bag promotes the event and generates revenue through sales while staying consistent with the events ethics.

“The Mussoorie Writers Mountain Festival team had a clear concept and final product in mind.  Kurma was excited to be challenged, thought outside the box with us throughout the whole process, and was open to brainstorming and prototyping until we got an original one of a kind product!” – Marta Lopez Fesser, Assistant Director, Mussoorie Writers Mountain Festival

Product Development

One step further than customisation is full product development. This includes creating completely new products and bespoke designs. You get exactly what you want with full control over branding and presentation with unique products.

The Sal Woods Resort & Spa is a brand new resort which is being developed in a village around 15km from Dehradun. We have consulted with them on their upholstery, curtains, bedsheets, cushions and wall art and we developed a ranged of products which we installed into one of their chalets.

In all we have developed a motif – which went on to become their brand logo – we developed new products specifically for them and we proposed a palette to work from. We gave a design to a master block maker who we had worked with previously, and we then printed the curtains and upholstery. We used an existing block of one of our original designs for the bedspread and cushions. We used screen printing for the wall art.

A selection of pictures from Sal Woods Resort and Spa showing our products in a chalet.

We have now been commissioned to provide curtains, upholstery, wall art and soft furnishing for all of the chalets in the resort. The resort launches later in 2015.

This project is still in progress and we will post updates and photos on this site and on our Facebook page.

It’s worth saying again that we do both screen printing and block printing on a range of different natural fabrics and all printing is done by hand by us in our studio. The pigments we use are the best available and are eco-friendly and fully machine washable. Wherever possible we give work to NGOs and charity organisations and make sure that the finished product is of the highest standard.

To enquire about wholesale prices or custom orders please email us at info@kurma.co.in or complete the form below.